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Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert has figured prominently in my repertoire since I worked with Leonard Shure at the New England Conservatory, first as his student and later as his last assistant. Leonard Shure Mr. Shure was heir to the tradition of the great pianist Artur Schnabel and served as his only assistant. In 1991 I had the good fortune to play Schubert for audiences in Germany as the only American prizewinner of the Schubert International Competition in Dortmund.

On this page you will find programs and program notes, reviews, clips—a sampling from some programs I think of as modern Schubertiades, evenings that feature the music of Franz Schubert at its center. Schubert's music serves as the 0tarting point and a jumping off place for additional programming. His sonic world is especially compatible with Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, as well as with living composers, such as Ligeti, Rihm, Diesendruck. Schubert's use of vernacular genres—dances, songs, horn calls—is not unlike the vivid scene paintings of Ives and other twentieth century composers. His sense of unfolding drama is cinematic, his pathos enduring.

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