"...the very impressive pianist Donald Berman...once again astonished with [his] virtuosity and sublime musicianship...Wow."
Boston Musical Intelligencer
"Versatile" (NY Times)    -    "Adventurous" (NY Times)
"Invaluable" (New Yorker)   -   "Essential" (Boston Globe)
"Powerful, atmospheric, and luminescent"
Boston Globe

"Physically alive with the dexterity of mobile fingers . . . deliciously witty"
New York Times

"Donald Berman is a thorough, exciting and persuasive musician, and his piano recital at Merkin Hall last Tuesday night was memorable."
—Paul Griffiths, New York Times

"An eloquent pianist."
—Allan Kozinn, New York Times

"Berman is a first-rate pianist . . . no one I have ever heard plays Ives better . . . he has a polyphonic mind to go along with the polyphonic fingers, a springing sense of rhythm, a sense of humor and of awe at the wonder of things."
—Richard Dyer, Boston Globe

"Donald Berman is a robust, positive, and persuasive pianist, a musician who knows his own mind (and fingers). Schubert's D Major Sonata was full of examples, in Mr. Berman's thrillingly clear performance…constant journeys, and the finale bounced with a folk-music spirit."
—Paul Griffiths, New York Times

"Awe-inspiring . . . the soul of both a virtuoso and an artist . . . The quite astonishing conclusion one quickly came to last night, listening to and becoming instantly absorbed in Berman's performance, was that this was a great pianist with complete command not only of 20th-century keyboard styles but with complete command of the music."
—Barbara Zuck, The Columbus Dispatch

"A pianist of stupendous abilities, both athletic and intellectual . . . big warm tone, wonderful voicing, and sense of narrative . . . hyperkinetic . . . respites of arching lyric beauty."
—Susan Larson, Boston Sunday Globe

"Berman not only understands Ives' volatile aesthetic but also feels it in his bones, and more importantly, is a fearless pianist with a huge, totally ambidextrous technique and big sound to match... sensitivity and sustaining power "
—Jed Distler, Classics Today.com

"Berman is a marvel . . . Here is a disc that immediately goes to my end-of-year Want List."
—James North, Robert Carl, Fanfare

"Iridescent . . . Virtuosity, Sensitivity, and Sense of Humor . . . "
—Lloyd Schwartz, The Boston Phoenix

"Stunning . . . exemplary . . . adventurous . . . substantive . . . a superb pianist. His technique doesn't advertise itself. Rather, his pianistic skills are so accomplished and unobtrusive that, listening to him, you simply relax and focus on the music knowing that all technical matters are in his capable hands."
—Anthony Tomassini, New York Times

"Berman's playing of Fauré was colorful, commanding, just exquisite . . . His performance of Ives was one of the best I've ever heard."
—Michael Manning, Boston Globe

"Intimate and absorbed . . . not the flash, but the luster of well-polished performances."
—Dan Wolfe, Shelburne News, VT

"Berman was a masterful advocate . . . a humming engine of vitality."
—Richard Buell, Boston Globe

"[The Unknown Ives, Volume II is] dazzlingly delivered...brilliantly played and with the very soft music magically controlled."

"Outstanding brilliance."
Dortmund Zeitung

“Accompanying at the piano throughout [on Scott Wheeler’s CD of songs] is Donald Berman in one marvelously subtle performance after another, gracefully reciprocating the contrasting styles of the four singers while responding to the emotional ebb and flow of the material with perfectly pitched nuance and knowingness.”
Classical Review

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