Program Offerings


Mavericks: Charles Ives and Carl Ruggles
Concerts and lecture demonstrations with slides of Ruggles' artwork and both composers' manuscripts and stories behind the compositions.

Pioneers & Premieres
Commissioned and recent works by important and up-and-coming American composers alongside groundbreaking works of 20th-century pioneers.

A Modern Schubertiade
Recital programs featuring works by Schubert and their extensions into traditional and contemporary repertoire, Austro-Hungarian links, and other interesting combinations.

America at the Piano
From parlor to "downtown." Griffes and MacDowell to Glass and Diesendruck.

Americans in Rome
Solo and chamber works by winners of the Rome Prize since 1924. The evolving American compositional voice heard through important works and discoveries.

Evenings of Fauré
Solo and chamber music of this late romantic/early modern composer. Programs can include other French repertoire and extensions to modern works.

World Tour
Concerts and lecture demonstrations for all ages with samples of world music and their translation into classical works. Gamelan music and Debussy, Cimbalom music and Kodaly, African Drumming and Ligeti, popular tunes and Ives, and more.

Concerts featuring piano as well as tape, computer, live processing, and other neat devices. Music by Davidovsky, Lucier, Viñao, Mobberley, Wingate, and others.

When Brahma Sleeps
An evening-length program of electro-acoustic music, featuring the music of Mark Wingate. Funded in part by a grant from the Argosy contemporary Music Fund. Program

World Tour of New Music
Concerts and presentations of new works from around the globe.

400 Years of Piano Music
Programs revealing connections across the full range of piano repertoire.

Schumann Personalities
Programs anchored by works of Schumann with excursions into other realms.

Mozart Concertos
Other concerto offerings include new works by Theofanidis ('05) and Levering and works of Brahms, Beethoven, Ravel, Stravinsky, and others.