The Edge of Silence (Avie 2019)

Martin Boykan

Works for Voice and piano, cimbalom, violin, bass by György Kurtág

George Perle Serenade for Piano and Orchestra

George Perle Serenade

"An excellent example of the resilience of Perle’s work is a new recording on BMOP Sound. The Boston Modern Orchestra Project, conducted by Gil Rose, presents a disc of Perle’s Serenades: one featuring viola soloist Wenting Kang, another featuring piano soloist Donald Berman, and another for a chamber orchestra of eleven players...Berman does a marvelous job with the solo part, playing incisively with rhythmic precision and precise coordination with the ensemble...Rose leads BMOP through all three serenades with characteristic attention to detail and balance. The players prepared well for this challenging program. Better advocates would not have been the wish of the composer. Kudos to BMOP for keeping Perle’s memory and music alive. This disc handily makes my Best of 2019 list."

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"No 3 for piano (1983) is the finest, a real mini-concerto; Donald Berman is as persuasive as Richard Goode”

"No 3 is for piano and chamber orchestra and Donald Berman gives us power and poetics at the piano helm.”

Martin Boykan: Music for Piano

Martin Boykan

Pianist Donald Berman's recording of Martin Boykan's piano music gives passionate voice to the music of one of America's most undervalued composers. Berman describes the music as: '..lyrical, yet atonal; melodic, yet with wide leaps in register; it sustains over large expanses, yet has quick inner pulsing.' Berman describes his encounter with Boykan's music: At the start I was awed by the diamond-like purity of individual moments, daunted by the complex was music that lived in my head for a long time after performing it. It is deeply personal.

Scott Wheeler: Portraits & Tributes
Donald Berman, piano

Scottt WheelerComposer Scott Wheeler writes that he has “always used the piano as a sketch pad. Bach, Chopin, Shostakovich and others organized their small keyboard works systematically. Mine have just accumulated over the years, as I suspect is true for Grieg, Scarlatti, and my teacher Virgil Thomson. In fact, Virgil’s particular version of the 'sketchbook' method of writing short pieces was to write musical portraits 'from life,' in the manner of his visual artist friends. I was myself a subject of one of Virgil’s portraits, in 1981”. Portraits and Tributes presents 27 of Wheeler's short works, performed by Donald Berman, a pianist much admired for championing new and little-known music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Love’s Signature: Songs by Juliana Hall

Scott Wheeler

MSR 2016

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Christopher Theofanidis: Piano Concerto (Summit 2012)

Scott Wheeler: Wasting the Night

Scott Wheeler

Wonderful songs by Scott Wheeler featuring 4 fabulous singers: Susanna Phillips, Krista River, Joseph Kaiser, and William Sharpe

“Accompanying at the piano throughout [on Scott Wheeler’s CD of songs] is Donald Berman in one marvelously subtle performance after another, gracefully reciprocating the contrasting styles of the four singers while responding to the emotional ebb and flow of the material with perfectly pitched nuance and knowingness.” - Classical Review

Wheeler's music is imaginative, varied, pungent, lyrical...
Donald Berman is the constant pianist. He is immensely experienced in this kind of repertoire, and is undaunted by the difficulty of much of the music.
- Musicweb International

Music by Su Lian Tan
(2009 ARSIS Audio)

Su Lian Tan Featuring U-Don Rock and Jamaica’s Songs

Jamaica Kincaid & John Elder, Readers
Brenda Patterson, Mezzo-soprano
Szilvia Schranz, Soprano
David Bowlin, Violin
Darrett Adkins, Cello
Margo Garrett & Donald Berman, Piano

Americans in Rome: Music by Fellows of the American Academy in Rome
(Bridge Records) November 2008

Americans This FOUR-CD SET of music by Rome Prize-winning composers from 1920 to 2000 offers a compelling glimpse of the history of American music, with American masters side by side with younger innovators and fresh discoveries from the past.

Gramophone, March 2009
Newmusic Box Review

"I cannot think of another set of recordings that so deftly and thoughtfully attempts an overview of the evolution of American art music, in all of its range and great energy."

The Light That is Felt: Songs by Charles Ives
(New World Records) October 2008

Ives SongsThis collaboration with fellow Ives expert, soprano Susan Narucki contains 27 songs by Charles Ives representing a wide range of his compositions. Each song, in its own way, evokes memory through stories and characters drawn from Ive's life.

Reviews: Wire, February 2009, Diverdi, February 2009

The Uncovered Ruggles
(New World Records) Spring 2005

Featuring the first-ever recordings of solo piano music realized by John Kirkpatrick and Donald Berman from sketches by Ruggles. Also with Chris Oldfather, piano; Susan Narucki, soprano; Daniel Stepner, violin.

Review: International Piano, December 2005
The Unknown Ives II
(New World Records) 2004

The Unknown Ives II Premiere recordings of Ives' shorter works for piano. Includes Seven Piano Marches; Impression of St. Gaudens in Boston Common; Celestial Railroad, and much more. With The Unknown Ives this volume comprises the complete works of Ives outside of the two piano sonatas.
The Unknown Ives
(CRI 811) 1999

Unknown Ives Premiere recordings of music by Ives including Set of Five Take-Offs; Three-Page Sonata; and many piano studies. (available upon request)
Songs of Aaron Jay Kernis
(Koch Records) 2008

Aaron Jay Kernis Aaron Jay Kernis, winner of the 2002 Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition and one of the youngest composers ever to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize, is among the most esteemed musical figures of his generation. His settings of Carol Ann Duffy's "Valentines" are a modern look at love. The CD also features the first complete recording of Kenis's ten "Songs of Innocents," a remarkable group of songs about childhood. With Susan Narucki, Soprano.
Arthur Levering: Still Raining, Still Dreaming
(New World Records) 2008

Arthur Levering - Still Raining, Still Dreaming Arthur Levering's remarkable cycle of works echoes the masters Takemitsu and Stravinsky. The CD also features Nicholas Kitchen, violin, in the virtuosic "Echoi;" Fumito Nunoya in the playful duo for vibes and celeste, "Sppooo;" and Dinosaur Annex in the title track.
Tamar Diesendruck: Theater of the Ear, (Centaur Records) September 2008

Diesdrk This CD captures Diesendruck's evening-length program based on the biblical story of The Tower of Babel. The music is stunning—eclectic and intriguing—and includes a solo piano performance of "Sound Reasoning in the Tower of Babel."
Songs of Remembrance, Ruth Loman
(CRI) 2002

Ruth Lomon A recording of Ruth Lomon's moving song cycle taken from poetry by concentration camp prisoners at Theresienstadt. Features Jayne West, soprano; Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano; Frank Kelley, tenor; Donald Boothman, baritone; Laura Ahlbeck, oboe and English horn.
Martin Boykan, Flume
(CRI) 2002

Martin Boykan - Flume Lyrical music by the composer Martin Boykan, featuring a gorgeous group of songs and chamber works. With Ian Greitzer, clarinet; Cyrus Steven, violin; Pamela Dellal, mezzo-soprano.
Martin Boykan, City of Gold
(CRI 841) 1999

Martin Boykan Featuring Boykan's Piano Trio #2.
Arthur Levering: School of Velocity
(CRI 812) 1999

School of Velocity Described by the Boston Globe as "drop-dead gorgeous." Featuring the solo piano work School of Velocity. With Dinosaur Annex.

Shadow Bands: Music for strings and piano by Scott Wheeler
(Newport Classics NPD85672)

Shadow Bands A recording of chamber music for strings and piano by Scott Wheeler. Features the piano quartet Dragon Mountain.
Scott Lindroth: Human Gestures
(CRI 808) 1999

Human GesturesFeaturing Dinosaur Annex with D'Anna Fortunato singing Light.
Mr. Death, Original Soundtrack
(Accurate 5038) 1999

Mr. Death I make a guest appearance on the movie soundtrack of Erroll Morris' film about Fred Leuchter, inventor of the electric chair.
Grand Designs, Society of Composers Inc.
(Capstone 8639) 1997

Society of Composers Featuring Laura Schwendinger's Piano Concerto
Meister Von Morgen: Konzerte Der Dörken Stiftung 1993

Music by Liszt, Mozart, and Schubert from a live concert in Dortmund, Germany.