Featured Composers and Their Works

Arthur Berger: Postcard
Dana Brayton:   A Little Traveling Music
Charles Fussell:   Trio 1999
Stephen Jaffe:   Four Pieces for Viola and Piano
Arthur Levering:   Cantena (piano concerto); School of Velocity
Tod Machover:   Trio for the Beginning of Time
John McDonald:   Aubade with Merengue
Jeff Nichols:   Caracole
David Rakowski:   Etude No. 71 "Chase for Piano and Celesta"; Etude No. 72 "In Dorian Blue"
Elena Ruehr:   Stretti di Scarlatti
Su Lian Tan:   U-Don Rock
Christopher Theofanidis:   Piano Concerto, movement I  (Listen)
Scott Wheeler:   Flow Chart; Piano Trio #2
Mark Wingate:   When Brahma Sleeps (Listen)

Concerts Dedicated to One Composer
Milton Babbitt (Fromm concert)
Luciano Berio
Martin Boykan
Eric Chasalow
Andrew Imbrie (Fromm concert)
Arthur Levering
Ruth Lomon (Bunting Institute)
Donald Martino
Judith Weir
Scott Wheeler

World Premieres
Milton Babbitt: Septet but Equal
Arthur Berger: Ode of Ronsard; Diptych
Henry Brant: Meteor Farm
Dana Brayton: Bell Birds
Martin Boykan: Usurpations; A Packet for Susan: Piano Trio #2; Flume
Eric Chasalow: Yes, I Really Did
Tamar Diesendruck: Being As How
Paul Elwood: Altars Altered
Kyle Gann: Chicago Spiral
Lee Hyla: Ciao, Manhattan
Charles Ives: Studies #1,4,7,8,15,16, Storm and Distress: Impression of St. Gaudens;
Marches; Allegretto; Minuetto; Five Take-Offs
David Lang: Burn Notice
Fred Lerdahl: Time After Time
Arthur Levering: Tranced; Clarion/ Shadowing; Cloche II; Twenty Ways; Echoi
Ruth Lomon: Songs of Remembrance
William Mayer: Distant Playing Fields
Lansing McLoskey: Wild Bells; Requiem, ver. 2001
Jeff Nichols: The Light Fantastic
Carl Ruggles: March, Parvum Organum; Visions; Valse Lente
Laurie San Martin: Bone Dance
Ralph Shapey: Variations for Viola and 10 Instruments;
Allen Shearer: We Three
Scott Wheeler: Artists Proofs